Cynthia Scherer

Cynthia Scherer

Tucson Harmonium grew out of Cynthia Scherer’s devotion to namasankirtana (sacred Sanskrit chanting) and her love of harmoniums and tambouras. She has been playing sacred chants since 1985 and has been honored to have played with numerous great spiritual teachers and musicians over the years.

When Cynthia began playing the harmonium and tamboura, there was no one in Tucson who could repair and maintain her instruments. Having good manual skills and great curiosity, she began to repair and maintain her own instruments and soon many others began to bring their instruments to her for the same. She was fortunate to be mentored by an exceptional teacher for fifteen years in harmonium tuning, a skill that requires many years and patience to learn.

She now repairs, tunes, and maintains harmoniums and tambouras in ashrams and meditation centers in several cities. She has been teaching and mentoring harmonium and tamboura since 1988.